Video How-To: Adjusting the Flexistretcher

Video How-To: Adjusting the Flexistretcher

Adjusting the Flexistretcher:


The Flexistretcher is able to accommodate a variety of heights and fitness levels. With the adjustable nylon straps, you are able to govern the intensity and challenge level of an exercise.  Here is an overview of how to adjust your Flexistretcher, and some tips to guide you when working with the professional’s  tool of choice for strength and flexibility training.

Adjusting Your Flexistretcher: Tips & How-Tos

  1. Make sure the Flexistretcher is the appropriate length before beginning each exercise.
  2. To change the overall length, adjust each nylon strap separately.
  3. Make sure to adjust both sides equally.
  4. Always keep the elastic in middle of the Flexistretcher.
  5. To adjust the nylon straps, pinch the metal clasp between your fingers, and slide it toward or away from the center elastic piece.  Then, pull the free end to adjust the loop.
  6. Remember to leave large enough loops at the ends, so that the straps can be held comfortably in your hands, or looped around your foot (depending on the exercise).
  7. Always start with the strap longer than you need and make adjustments as you practice a stretch.
  8. Slowly adjust it to be smaller, finding the right resistance for you.
  9. Some exercises with the Flexistretcher require you to hold the nylon straps in each hand while your foot is on the foam pad.  Always put the foam pad around the arch of your foot, not the heel or the toes. This avoids the risk of the Flexistretcher sliding off the foot in the middle of the exercise.
  10. When performing arabesques, splits, and side extensions, put the foam pad around your shoulder like a backpack - NEVER around your neck.  

Now that your Flexistretcher is adjusted and ready to go, get stretching!


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