Penché with the Flexistretcher


  • Make sure that the straps are adjusted to the appropriate length and that you are holding onto something stable.
  • Standing on your left leg, place both loops around the right foot. Bend your right leg behind you as you thread your left arm through the straps, placing the foam pad on your left shoulder.


  • Holding something stable, lift the right knee up and, pushing into the resistance, extend the leg behind you, coming into a grand arabesque position.  For more direction on this step, check out this blog about how to do an arabesque with the Flexistretcher:
  • Slowly lower your torso towards the floor, lifting the working leg into a standing split.
  • To return, lift the torso up so you are back in your arabesque. Then, bend your knee and turn it in, remove the foam pad from around your shoulder, and step out of the loops.
  • Repeat with the other leg.



  • Press into the resistance of the gesture leg to fully activate the muscles.
  • Lift up through your upper back.

DANCER FOCUS:  By enabling the elastic resistance quality of the Flexistretcher, your hamstring, back and hip muscles are trained to accomplish a penche in the most balanced and stable manner. 

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