Single Leg Switch with the FLX Ball


  • Lie on your back in a supine position and place the FLX Ball at your upper back between your scapulas.
  • Lift your legs to table top position.


  • Both hands take your right shin as your left leg extends on a high diagonal.
  • Elbows are wide and pull your forehead in towards your right knee.
  • Switch legs.

FLX Ball Single Leg Switch


REPETITIONS: 10-15 (15-20 in manual)


  • Use the FLX Ball to help fold forward to take any strain out of the neck and effectively target the abdominals.
  • Remember: this is an abdominal exercise, not a leg stretch.  Maintain your form and concentrate on engaging the abdominals.

Dancer Focus!  A strong core can enhance balance and stability by the ability of the torso or trunk muscles to stabilize the spine. This, in turn, provides a stable base for the arms and legs to move from.

Spinal stability training is especially important in situations of excessive joint mobility such as ballet and gymnastics. Dancers require much greater flexibility than the average person to be able to accomplish certain movements.

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